Functional upgrade to a slurry transporter

With the grain slide transport solution, an existing trailer can be converted into a transport vehicle for liquids and transport slurry and fermentation liquids like a feeder barrel. In contrast to the Combi module, filling and emptying is done with the help of external pumps on the tank or on the applicator itself. This makes the grain slide solution a very attractive alternative in terms of price.

The economic efficiency of many trailers is limited by the application possibilities. Dump trailers, for example, are mainly used for harvesting and bulk transport. The utilisation rate is often only two months a year. In order to increase the economic efficiency of the trailer, the number of operating hours can be significantly increased with the use of the grain slide solution. Due to the seasonal liquid transports, a faster amortisation is achieved.

And this is how it works

An existing trailer can be converted with the grain slide solution to be used as a slurry transport vehicle and transport the slurry/fermentation liquids like a feeder barrel. For this purpose, the flexible transport bag is laid out in the trough and secured in the front part to prevent it from slipping. The grain slide solution transport system is delivered pre-assembled so that time-consuming assembly on site is not necessary. The metal construction supply line is connected to the flexible transport container through the existing grain slide opening and fixed in place. Furthermore, the grain slide solution is fixed to the top of the tailgate. The conversion can be carried out by two people within one hour.

The grain pusher solution consists of the metal supply line and the flexible transport container. The flexible transport container is customised to the internal dimensions of the existing trailer and lies against all sides when filled. To ensure a safe filling process, the system is equipped with an overflow system. A 4 inch overflow hose is flanged onto the centre of the bag. When the flexible transport bag is optimally filled, the liquid flows through the hose into the plexiglass container. This is the signal for the user to finish the external filling.


Your advantages:

  • Economical and user-friendly
  • Tested and certified by TÜV Süd
  • 5-year warranty on the flexible transport bag
  • Load capacity adapted to the maximum trailer load
  • Conversion with two people in less than one hour
  • No direct intervention on the tipper
  • Overflow for protection
  • Optional docking station on top

Features of flexible transport bag

  • PVC/TPU coated fabric with increased UV resistance
  • Kink resistant; no cracking after 100,000 kinks
  • Temperature resistance from - 30° C to + 70° C
  • Chemical resistance against slurry/acid/ammonium nitrate, among others
  • 5 years warranty


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