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Combi Modul

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Flexible Transport Systeme

FTS Flexible Transport Systeme GmbH manufactures and develops innovative transport systems for the agricultural technology and transport sectors that are economical and user-friendly. Flexible load securing and transport combinations are part of the programme.

More runs instead of empty runs

With the Combiliner solutions based on tipping semi-trailers and NEW based on moving floors, we focus on maximum innovation with flexible transport systems. Based on our experience with the Combi Module transport solution, we have now focused on avoiding empty runs. An aluminium tipping semitrailer or a walking-floor trailer is extended by a modular construction with a flexible transport bag to make alternating journeys of liquids and solids possible without conversion. This replaces a second trailer, a second tractor unit and a second driver. Especially in times of scarce resources, this is a very decisive advantage.

Added value for dump trucks

Slurry and fermentation liquids are often transported with feeder barrels to field containers or application vehicles in order to be able to guarantee a smooth and fast slurry chain. These feeder barrels are usually only used seasonally and stand idle for the rest of the year, except for occasional slurry transports to other storage facilities. With the Combi module and the grain slide solution, FTS Flexible Transport Systeme GmbH has developed a transport combination that makes the purchase of an additional vehicle unnecessary. Through a modular conversion, an additional benefit for dump trailers and other vehicles is achieved without having to permanently change the trailer itself. The user-friendly conversion creates the ideal transport vehicle for the entire slurry chain and liquid transport

System solutions for safe storage

Incorrectly secured loads can cause soiling of traffic areas, especially at harvest time. This not only endangers road users, but also results in cleaning costs that must be borne by the party responsible. Flexcover load securing devices are the optimal protection for your goods in transit. Due to the compact design and the flexible adaptation possibilities to different trailer dimensions, Flexcover is suitable for almost every trailer.

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