Mit der Ladungssicherung Flexcover Fix bleibt Ihre Ladung sicher dort, wo sie beim Transport hingehört – auf dem Anhänger. Gerade im Herbst kommt es zu erntebedingten

With Flexcover Fix load securing, your load stays safely where it belongs during transport - on the trailer. Particularly in autumn, harvest-related contamination of roads and and traffic areas due to harvesting. Loads that are not properly secured can easily blow or fall off the trailer. The resulting contamination not only leads to the polluter (contractor or farmer) having to bear the costs of cleaning the areas, but also creates a hazard for traffic. To counteract these situations, FTS Flexible Transport Systeme GmbH has developed a transport guard that can be flexibly mounted on almost any trailer. Whether as a retrofit or for installation at the plant, the Flexcover transport protection can be optimally adapted to different trailer heights and lengths. The system is very variable and can be mounted wrapping at the front as well as at the rear. Vehicle lengths from 4 m to 13 m can be equipped with the system.

Flexcover load securing is the perfect transport protection for your load. High-quality components and an optimally tuned drive ensure the longevity of the system. The flexible design allows Flexcover to be mounted on almost any trailer. Due to the oil motor-based drive, coupling to most agricultural tractors is possible without any problems. Existing standard connections and control elements can be used, so there is no need to interfere with the tractor's electronics.

And this is how it works

Durch die Kraft der Zugfedern, die in den speziell für FTS gepressten Aluminium Profilen installiert werden, wird das Netz über die Ladung abgelegt. Zusätzlich sind an den Aluminium Profilen spezielle Kunststoffgleiter vorgesehen, die als Kantenschutz dienen und ein Anschlagen von Metall auf Metall verhindern.

The net is placed over the load by the force of the tension springs, which are installed in the aluminium profiles specially pressed for FTS. In addition, special plastic glides are provided on the aluminium profiles, which serve as edge protection and prevent metal from hitting metal. If the oil motor is activated from the tractor, it winds up the net and tensions the tension springs again. To protect the oil motor and its forces, we use a pressure relief valve.

Legal basis and regulations

We offer the Flexcover load securing system as an accessory for your trailer.

  • Straßenverkehrs-Zulassungs-Ordnung, Fahrzeuge § 32 (Abs. 1) Außerdem zu beachten sind folgende Verordnungen und Vorschriften:
  • Straßenverkehrs-Ordnung, 22 (Abs. 1 + 2) und § 32 (Abs. 1)
  • BG-Vorschriften, 22 (Abs. 1) und § 37 (Abs. 4)

Your advantages:

  • One system for vehicle
  • lengths up to 13 m, vehicle widths up to 2.60 m
  • Flexible system design - suitable for all trailer types and changing heights
  • Anhängertypen und wechselnde Höhen
  • Perfect for retrofitting, also suitable for factory installation
  • Simple coupling to the tractor unit due to integrated hydraulic motor
  • Einfache Ankopplung an die Zugmaschine
  • Pressure relief valve for protection
  • Hydraulic lines Ø 12 mm
  • Hydraulikleitungen Ø 12 mm


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