Functional upgrade to a slurry transporter

With the Combi Modul transport solution, an existing trailer can be converted into a slurry transporter and transport slurry and fermentation liquids like a feeder barrel. The two product variants Combi Modul and grain slide solution offer a particularly economical and user-friendly system solution.

The economic efficiency of many trailers is limited by the range of applications. Dump trailers, for example, are mainly used for harvesting and bulk transport. The utilisation rate is often only two months a year. In order to increase the economic efficiency of the trailer, the number of operating hours can be significantly increased with the use of the Combi Module. The seasonal liquid transports result in a faster amortisation.

And this is how it works

An existing trailer can be converted with the Combi Module to be used as a slurry transport vehicle and transport the slurry/digestion liquids like a feeder barrel. To do this, the factory tailgate is removed and the Combi system is installed on the existing pick-up. The flexible transport bag is rolled out in the trough and secured against slipping in the front part. The entire module is delivered pre-assembled, including pump and transport bag. The conversion can be carried out by two people within one hour. Pallet forks or a crane are used to lift the steel frame. Only hydraulic lines for the pump and for the optional RotaCut have to be laid once before initial assembly. The connection is made to the tractor/trailer hydraulics or to an auxiliary pump.

The Combi Module consists of a very sturdy steel frame that contains all the technology, the flexible bag and the supply lines. The slurry can be sucked in on both sides of the dump truck or optionally via a swivel connection. A rotary pump and an optional RotaCut are driven via hydraulic motor. The RotaCut prevents lines from becoming clogged with an integrated cutter and, in addition, the stone catcher retains foreign bodies, protecting the rotary pump and the manure bag from possible damage. To ensure a safe filling process, the system is equipped with an overflow.

For a stable and space-saving storage of the Combi Module, the system is supplied including a storage rack.


The investment sum for a standard slurry feeder barrel with a transport volume of 25 m³ is on average 60,000 €. In addition, there are running costs such as operating costs and TÜV. This is the big advantage of the Combi Module, as the system can be used without additional approvals and many contractors or farmers have suitable existing vehicles. In direct comparison to a feeder barrel, the new purchase of a Combi Modul pays for itself after half the time.


Your advantages:

  • Economical and user-friendly
  • Tested and certified by TÜV Süd
  • 5-year warranty on the flexible transport bag
  • Load capacity adapted to the maximum trailer load
  • Conversion with two people in less than one hour
  • No direct intervention on the tipper; tipping function is not impaired
  • Overflow for protection
  • Various options such as docking station, Rota-Cut possible

Features of flexible transport bag

  • PVC/TPU coated fabric with increased UV resistance
  • Kink resistant; no cracking after 100,000 kinks
  • Temperature resistance from - 30° C to + 70° C
  • Chemical resistance against slurry/acid/ammonium nitrate, among others
  • 5 years warranty


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